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Metal Roof Restoration

Complete metal roof restoration using Conklin’s MR System

cleaning a metal roof with pressure washer and conklin products
First the roof is cleaned with Conklin Rust-Off Cleaner and pressure washer
metal roof covered with conklin encase primer
Next the roof is coated with Conklin Encase Primer
all seasm coated to prevent leaks on metal roof
Next, all seams are covered with Conklin Spun-Flex Fabric embedded in coating + all screw heads are covered with Kwik-Kaulk acrylic compound to ensure 100% leak-proof.
metal roof fully restored with conklin benchmark topcoat
Finally the entire roof is coated with Conklin Benchmark Top-Coat at 1.9 Gal. per square. At 85% reflectivity, this roof is not only 100% waterproof, it’s also Very energy efficient!

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